Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going pictures and Maggie as a pup!

We had four puppies leave us since Friday. Life sure seems to be a little easier only dealing with 4 instead of eight! We have three left to sell. It's a bittersweet feeling seeing the puppies leave. I'm sure that is what it is like with kids as well.....although I think I'll be more on the joyful side! Rex (our oldest 3 years) informed us the puppies did not want to leave our house and their mom Maggie. He also made sure that Rosco (Rex's favorite) was not among the dogs leaving. Rosco on the other hand has become quite the troublemaker. He is like a cockroach and can fit into the smallest opening in a door and get in the house. He loves to investigate and find new things to play with and boy is he fast! Olive spent some time in the hospital this week because of her chemo and while she was there would ask every five minutes who was watching the puppies, who was going to feed them and who would play with them if she was not there. It was a tender moment. Here she was puking, getting poked, prodded, and scanned and all she cared about was seeing her puppy "Princess Penny".

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying Life.

Here are some new puppy pictures. They are all very active now and enjoying life as a puppy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting bigger!


The puppies got their first bath today. What a cute sight. Rex has taken to naming one of the puppies "Rosco". Who know where he picked that up from? Anyway he named his favorite one and told us he loves him so much.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The puppies are doing great! Today is their one month birthday and boy have they grown! We weighed them today and they range from 2.5 pounds all the way up to five. That is huge when you consider they were only a few ounces when they were born. They have all opened their eyes and are walking all over the place......quite a few of them have the prettiest blue eyes ever. They have figured out how to bark and wrestle with each other. Rex and Olive sure have enjoyed having the puppies here. They both love helping Camille and I help take care of them.